Today's business environments are charged with unprecedented uncertainty, and what got us success may not keep us successful. Aligning the organization around new ways of thinking and leading requires the integration of new strategies, new leadership approaches, and shifts in the corporate culture.

Leadership Edge assists organizations with developing the strategies, instilling the leadership competency, and designing the culture necessary for achieving exceptional results through its people.

Joan Wood and her associates strive to cut through confusion and bring simple solutions to complex business needs. Our consulting process is focused on understanding the client's goals and assessing their readiness for change.

The consulting process includes the following phases:

  • Understanding the client's situation
  • Defining the business objectives
  • Assessing the client's leadership practices and business process through interviews, focus groups, observation, and surveys
  • Designing strategies aligned with the business objectives by partnering with key staff members
  • Communicating the strategies
  • Providing training on required skills
  • Implementing the strategies and ensuring success by defining roles and responsibilities
  • Providing tools for measuring progress and for client self-sufficiency