Business leaders are often challenged with unpredictable shifts in market demand along with economic issues generated by constant and complex change. These situations often create the need for even the most competent leader to benefit from the insights, feedback, and counsel of an experienced business coach.

Coaching is a process designed to provide leaders with the thinking of an objective third party skilled at recognizing the pitfalls and blind spots they sometimes encounter. The coach is a trusted confidant focused on the person's strengths while developing opportunities for growth in their leadership strategy.

Confidential coaching is designed for various levels of leadership ranging from the seasoned executive, the leader with developmental opportunities, or the high-potential emerging leader transitioning to a new position.

Coaching creates an experience for leaders to question their thinking and challenge their assumptions. It provides an opportunity for leaders to evaluate and improve their ability to coach and develop leadership skills in their direct reports.

The coaching process is a collaborative effort in which goals are established, obstacles are brought into perspective, and accountability is maintained. One-on-one meetings are conducted to support the coaching participant in maintaining focus on the performance goals and strategies.

The following tools and techniques are used for gaining information to support the coaching process:

  • 360 and Leadership Style Assessments
  • Personality Profiles
  • Conflict Resolution Style Assessment
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Observation of on-the-job performance