The Three C’s for Gaining Speed in Execution

4disiplinesI have heard it said that the speed of the leader determines the speed of the team.  In other words, the sense of urgency the leader demonstrates drives the performance speed of the team.  I also believe that the clarity in which the leader communicates the vision determines the commitment and capability of the team.  Leaders who are able to communicate effectively don’t subject their teams to death by meetings; they precisely and concisely communicate the collective intelligence of the team.  The successful leaders and teams that I work with require the three C’s:  clarity of vision, commitment, and capability.   They do this in order to maintain the emotional resilience and stamina necessary for forging ahead toward the goals.

Clarity of Vision                                                          

A vision with well-defined outcomes allows a team to be congruent in the direction they need to take.  The vision should be compelling, provocative, realistic, and desired.  It must be communicated in inspiring and forward-moving terms that positively influence those involved. Clarity, rather than confusion, ambiguity, and political maneuvering, provides the rudder a team needs to execute with speed.


Commitment is the force behind strong morale, engagement, and accountability.  Commitment has to come from the individual team members out of a passion for achieving the vision.  People don’t embrace a vision because senior management has dictated it from above.  They evaluate the business reasons for the vision and decide whether or not it is something they value and will buy in to.  Speed in execution is therefore an issue of the heart.  The team members have to care enough to make the vision a reality, and be motivated by the results.  They must believe without doubt in the vision so that they willingly hold each other accountable and support each other in doing what it takes to get the job done.


Teams focused on a few simple goals, not overwhelmed by many, are better able to assess the skills, knowledge, and resources needed for execution of the vision.  They can realistically determine their capacity for what can get done versus what they want to get done.  These teams align around 20% of the tasks that produce the highest results instead of 80% of tasks that are lower priority.  They measure their results by things that are within their control so that they can quickly correct their course of action when things go off track.

Tools for successfully managing a team’s execution of strategy are hard to find.   In my research, I was able to find an online system in the book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, (4DX).  This book details how to use online performance dashboards for individual team members from Franklin Covey.  The 4DX software provides automation for tracking team results and managing accountability.  For more information about this software visit  It might be just the tool you need to drive the three C’s for gaining speed in execution with your team.