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Is the Emperor with His New Clothes Leading in Your Organization?

Sometimes the childhood story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a useful metaphor for business situations.  The story is about an egotistical Emperor that was manipulated into wearing clothes made of an invisible fabric in which those unable to see the fabric were presumed to be either unfit for their posts or hopelessly stupid.  As […]

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How Does Our Ratio of Asking to Telling Build Rapport?

  So why is it that with some people we meet, there is an immediate connection and with others there isn’t?  Much of this has to do with personality and mutual interest, and some of it is about our dialogue.  When we assume others are interested or don’t know about the information we are sharing, […]

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Leading Change by Firing Up Engagement

Has your organization learned how to manage through the environment of constant change, but is challenged by employees who have become fatigued in the process?  The 2013 Gallup Report on the State of the American Workplace concluded the following about employees: 30% are engaged and inspired at work 50% are not engaged, they are just […]

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How to Accelerate Leadership Performance through Coaching

Who really needs a coach?  Even the most successful leaders are challenged with unpredictable shifts in market demand along with issues generated by constant change. These situations can create the need for leaders to benefit from the insights, feedback, and counsel of an experienced business coach.  Coaching; however, is not for the faint at heart.  It takes […]

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Developing People to Execute Strategy

  First, let’s assume that the strategy developed is aligned with the market, and is aligned with the organization’s culture.  Second, let’s assume that leaders have effectively communicated the strategy and have prioritized realistic workloads for their employees. Third, let’s assume that leaders are authentic and transparent in their communication so that people know how […]

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Stop the Drama Now

  To say the least, drama at work is bothersome and it drains productivity.  So, how do we stop it?  First, it helps to understand a psychological model called The Drama Triangle.  This model was developed by Stephen B. Karpman.  It explains how people play games to get their needs met rather than clearly communicating what […]

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Myths about How Our Brains Work

Have you ever wondered what scientists are discovering about the brain?  Well I was curious and decided to read John Medina’s book Brain Rules. Medina, a molecular biologist, shares what scientists know for sure about how our brains work. It surprised me to find that some things I had learned about the brain were myths.  […]

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Leadership 101: Understanding Other People

Clients often share stories about how they have developed their leadership approach. Their stories describe assumptions about how people should be led.  The assumptions are things they have learned in past experiences from others leaders. Unfortunately, people value different traits of leaders and their preferences are based on their personality styles not on others leadership […]

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Building Leaders: How Successful Companies Engage in a Culture of Trust

The need to build leaders at every level of the organization has become paramount as companies adapt to the present economy.  People can no longer wait for the boss to give them the ten steps to perform their jobs. They have to step up and lead within their sphere of influence regardless of job title.  […]

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Influence Starts with You
Are you really ready to get what you want?

If you want to influence others to change, start by looking in the mirror.  Ask yourself, “Do I truly believe that I can engage others to support what I want?”  Most people have dreams and goals for their lives, but are often too distracted to make them a reality. They don’t take action to move […]

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