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Tips for Doing Business in Global Markets

Doing business in global environments can open up lucrative opportunities and at the same time can increase risk exposure. Most business initiatives focused on growth involve the need to adapt and tolerate some risks.  So the question is – how do you minimize those challenges when doing business globally?  In a recent interview with Lisa […]

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Developing People to Execute Strategy

  First, let’s assume that the strategy developed is aligned with the market, and is aligned with the organization’s culture.  Second, let’s assume that leaders have effectively communicated the strategy and have prioritized realistic workloads for their employees. Third, let’s assume that leaders are authentic and transparent in their communication so that people know how […]

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How to Shift a Company’s Culture

The first question I ask clients is why would you want to shift the culture?  What are the business reasons that make shifting the culture a productive thing to do?  Shifting a company’s culture is challenging because people resist the trade-offs  that come with the shift, and people are often loyal to the old culture […]

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The Three C’s for Gaining Speed in Execution

I have heard it said that the speed of the leader determines the speed of the team.  In other words, the sense of urgency the leader demonstrates drives the performance speed of the team.  I also believe that the clarity in which the leader communicates the vision determines the commitment and capability of the team.  […]

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