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Tips for Doing Business in Global Markets

Doing business in global environments can open up lucrative opportunities and at the same time can increase risk exposure. Most business initiatives focused on growth involve the need to adapt and tolerate some risks.  So the question is – how do you minimize those challenges when doing business globally?  In a recent interview with Lisa […]

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Is the Emperor with His New Clothes Leading in Your Organization?

Sometimes the childhood story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a useful metaphor for business situations.  The story is about an egotistical Emperor that was manipulated into wearing clothes made of an invisible fabric in which those unable to see the fabric were presumed to be either unfit for their posts or hopelessly stupid.  As […]

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How to Shift a Company’s Culture

The first question I ask clients is why would you want to shift the culture?  What are the business reasons that make shifting the culture a productive thing to do?  Shifting a company’s culture is challenging because people resist the trade-offs  that come with the shift, and people are often loyal to the old culture […]

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Myths about How Our Brains Work

Have you ever wondered what scientists are discovering about the brain?  Well I was curious and decided to read John Medina’s book Brain Rules. Medina, a molecular biologist, shares what scientists know for sure about how our brains work. It surprised me to find that some things I had learned about the brain were myths.  […]

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Trinity Industries Prepares for U.S. Manufacturing Growth: An Interview with Mike Williams, V.P. of Human Resources

Trinity Industries, Inc. is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of transportation, construction, and industrial products.  It is a multi-industry growth company that accomplishes market leadership through operational expertise and talented people along with a commitment to continuous improvement. As markets shift and manufacturing begins to return to the U.S., Mike Williams is anticipating the […]

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Building Leaders: How Successful Companies Engage in a Culture of Trust

The need to build leaders at every level of the organization has become paramount as companies adapt to the present economy.  People can no longer wait for the boss to give them the ten steps to perform their jobs. They have to step up and lead within their sphere of influence regardless of job title.  […]

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Cultivating Trust In a Chaotic Economy

It seems paradoxical to expect high levels of trust in an organization when the economy is driving chaos.  Survival of the fittest seems to make more sense.  This reality causes me to ponder questions like:  How do we trust and take risks when there aren’t assurances of safety and success?  What has to happen for […]

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Building a Corporate Culture of Trust

When I begin work with a client, it is usually safe to assume that they did not get out of bed that morning wondering how the corporate culture was impacting productivity. Culture often flies under the radar screen until its impact on performance becomes a problem. The problems usually have something to do with lack […]

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Accelerating Performance through a Culture of Trust

Leaders know that trust is the key to successful team performance. They also know that the absence of trust slows performance down and causes costs to increase. So how do you build a culture of trust? What can be done to create a work environment in which people feel safe sharing information or sharing constructive […]

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A Family Culture in Business
The Positives and the Challenges

Have you ever worked in an organization where there is a family-like closeness between the employees and a loyalty that is much like that of a family? Several of my clients have adopted the traits of a family culture even though none of the employees are related. I find that these organizations typically have a […]

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